I could tell you a hundred stories of things I’ve survived.  I could tell you about the rape that took my virginity, the resulting pregnancy, and the loss of that child.   Yes, I could tell you about my mother’s death from a disease I battle every day or the other mental and physical illnesses that have made my life a struggle.  I could tell you about poverty, eviction, abuse, and tragedies I’ve survived.  I could tell you stories, and I could tell you the statistics to prove that my story is not unique, but that’s why I feel it must be told, because not a single statistic exists to tell you what survivors do with their lives post survival.

Good Girl is about coming out of the rubble of survival, and reclaiming my life. How can a rape survivor still be sexually free?  How can someone surviving illness be strong for others?  How can someone who has survived both her children and parents build a happy, healthy family? How have I done all this my own way?  Good Girl is about deciding not to fit in a neat little box and choosing for myself what shape my life takes.

My goal with Good Girl is to inspire others to tell their stories, own them, and reclaim their lives from the isolation of being a statistic.  We are all strong, resilient, amazing people, and together we can inspire the world to stop trying to define ourselves in tragedies.  We are not defined by what happens to us.  How will you reclaim your life?