When I started the journey back in April, I had no clue what a trip I’d really be taking, nor that I’d come out of it with a new passion, a new tribe, and a new project.   What I did know was that my story was pleading to be told and the world was craving it just as badly.

It wasn’t easy, nor was juggling work, commitments,  and unforseen hardships that seemed to befall our family like a curse.  At first I felt alone, isolated even from the other Ones for a litany of made up reasons, but as Good Girl became a tangible reality so did my place on this team. As things began to fall into place, so did a realization. This is what I do; this is who I am.  A teacher, a counselor, a care giver, whether in my spiritual community,  the poly community,  or elsewhere.  The missing piece has always been my story.  

When I started building My Story is Not Unique I knew it was important, but I couldn’t begin to fathom just how important until Good Girl took the stage.  I blushed and smiled politely over and as people thanked me for my story and commended me for having the strength and courage to do so.  I knew this show had forever changed my life, and conceptually I knew it would touch some people who saw the show, but I had no idea what kind of energy and emotion would come from my audience as they sent me their support and took what they needed from the moment.  The power these people saw within me was breathtaking for me. 

What they didn’t see were the times I wanted to give up, the breakdown I’d had on that very stage just days before,  or the tears I cried when my family missed opening night, because life doesn’t stop for something like this, and sometimes life has other plans.   What they didn’t see were the fresh wounds by the old scars, the issues exhumed, and the half a dozen times I contemplated killing myself because I truly didn’t feel I had, or ever would, actually heal.  What they didn’t see was every time the Power of One tribe picked me up, held me close, and reminded me why I needed to keep going, the power they all gave me to merely be in the moment. 

How many people feel this way on a daily basis? How many people don’t have that community to help them get back up? How many people feel like falling is the worst that can happen?  This is why our stories are so important.  They bring us together, and together we are stronger than anything life can throw at us.

On the momentum of Good Girl and all the places I want to take this show and all my yet untold stories I began my Year of Here, a year dedicated not only to being present in my spirit but being defiantly so in the face of whatever life brings.  Last year I contemplated suicide more times than I have in almost a decade, but something kept me here, and I am determined to make that worth something.   I am determined to still be here next year, and so much further on my journey.