I’ve read a few essays recently about Livejournal and the role it played in each author’s life respectively. I was initially curious. Why the sudden surge of nostalgia? Then I started writing one myself. Not only did those other posts bring back something I’d forgotten was such an important part of my life, but I was grounded immediately by being connected to so many people in a time when the world is at once so small and so dissipated. Troubled childhoods, bullying, trouble with peers, being outcasts, not feeling like a single person in the world understood them until Livejournal told them they weren’t alone. I didn’t know these people, but there they were, each telling my story.

My story is not unique, and that’s why it must be told. For many of us, Livejournal and sites like it were our first opportunity to tell our stories and have them be heard, and that experience alone was sometimes enough to make us feel like everything was going to be alright. We supported each other. We learned from each other. We validated each other. Sifted from the posts full of song lyrics and every day annoyances that plague any college student were the stories of me finding and losing myself over and over again. Stuffed between pages of early adult angst were the ingredients of who I am today, and she’s a beautifully powerful woman.
As Livejournal gave way to social media and the world began to share every second of our lives with each other, we began to tell our true stories less and less. Sure, most people know I had an exceptionally good sushi roll for lunch, but how many know about the resurgence my marriage is experiencing and what it means for my life? How many know about my recent deep depression? How many know about JUST how important Good Girl was to me and why I’ve turned my focus in this direction? In sharing everything we’ve begun to share nothing.

Livejournal taught us why telling our stories was important. Good Girl reminded me why my story is important. My Story is Not Unique has a goal….to show the world that every story is important. Every story is a life.