The Story of Good Girl

In April I joined a team of people chosen to develop and present a one person show.  I knew it would be a process, but I had no idea just how much my story needed to come to life.  As meetings passed, Kickstarters were funded, and words were written, we began to throw out ideas for themes, but nothing seemed to stick out for me.  True to form, the writer in me started to backpedal.  Had I made some egregious error in thinking I had anything important to say?


I had started The Power of One with an idea of identity.  I knew I had a story, but what part of it would I tell? How could anything really encompass all of me?  The resounding answer was, “it can’t if you continue trying to separate it into neat little packages”.



In July we got to meet the theatre, after which we were kidnapped….er, “driven”, to New Paltz, NY for the retreat that would be the turning point for us all.  Including the part where there was a microphone taped to my boobs, the retreat was a game changer.  We laughed, we cried, we drank, and in the end we emerged as an extremely unique family with a collection of stories to tell.  A part of me still felt like my story wasn’t anything special, but at least I had a title and a general idea to run with. Good Girl was born.



In September something magical happened.  Not only was my first draft completed, but the seed for My Story Is Not Unique was planted.  Good Girl finally had a message!


The day I put out my first call for submissions the response was overwhelming.  People thanked me for the mere existence of #mystoryisnotunique.  People thanked me for a chance to tell their stories.  People applauded me for being able to tell my own, because what I found in Good Girl is this: while my story is not unique, the first step to telling it and moving on from being a statistic is not one most people will ever take.  The mire of being a “survivor”, of constantly healing, constant awareness, constant labelling of that which we need to let go of to live becomes its own weighted security blanket, and instead of a community of living, spirited people we come a community of mere survivors.


FromGood Girl, I hope to build this community of people.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve survived.  What matters is how you live.  This is why our stories must be told.  This is why Good Girl is important.


Good Girl is a one person show, written by Jennifer Clifford as a part of The Power of One, to be performed in NYC in December 2015.  For more information on The Power of One, visit